The Big Picture

MV3D is intended to be used by people or teams to create many types of virtual worlds. These worlds can include games such as online RPGs, or social games, but it can also be used for open ended virtual worlds such as SecondLife?. The MV3D project itself has very little game logic in it. All that it has (and will have) is example code to show how game logic may be constructed. At its core, MV3D is just a distributed virtual world simulation framework. Anything else is secondary to that. The distributed part of it is where it gets interesting. Anyone can host their own MV3D server instance including the full stack from login servers to player servers; however, without a central authority, these virtual worlds are just islands with no commonality. When you add the MV3D run Login and Directory server into the mix, one login can get you in to any number of virtual worlds, and those worlds can even be interconnected. You can think of the MV3D run server as a combination DNS server and OpenID type service.

MV3D's server allows users to connect their worlds together. While most people who want to host an online game with a large virtual world don't have a server farm at their disposal, MV3D allows networks of people to connect their smaller servers up to act as a single instance of an online world.

The big goal of MV3D is to enable people to create large virtual worlds and online games and to make them available to as many players as possible through a standard interface. In a way, the MV3D software provides the platform while our servers provide the connectivity.

There are many benefits to using MV3D's servers. One reason is the AssetRepository that we run which includes free to use assets that are ready to be used in your world. This can be a great way to get a jump start on getting your world online. Another plus is that users will be able to find your world easily. If you host your realm with MV3D, players will be given the choice of creating a character in your world when logging in. In addition, easy billing is available using MV3D's servers. Make things easier for your users by allowing them to pay one MV3D bill for all the (pay) worlds they access or items they buy. MV3D will include a complete billing system supporting micropayments. By using MV3D's servers, you'll be helping to build the multiverse. Perhaps the best motivation to use MV3D's servers is that at least for now, it's free! As the cost of hosting grows, we may need to start charging, but for now, all these services are free.

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